Cumulus 5.x Registration
Cumulus 5.x Registration
Please use this form to register your Cumulus 5.x Single User Edition

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Please take 5 minutes to check the answers that best describes your situation. Your responses help us to tailor our research and development to meet your needs.

1. Your Business
Advertising Graphic Design Photography
Architecture/CAD Government PrePress and Printing
Book Publishing Magazine Publishing Small Office/Home Office
Corporate Communication Medical/Health Web Publishing
Education Newspaper Publishing Other:

2. Your Position
Administration Image Librarian Production Manager
Creative Marketing Systems Administration
Executive Management Personal Use Other:

3. Company Size (# of employees)
1 26 - 50 101 - 200
2 - 25 51 - 100 more than 200

4. Number of Company Branches
1 2 - 5 6 and above

5. How will Cumulus be used ?
Individually Department Company-wide

6. Primary Operating System
Cross-platform environment Mac OS / Mac OS X Windows 95/98/Me
Linux Windows NT/XP/2000/2003 UNIX (Solaris, Irix)

7. Do you consider your company or yourself to be ?
An Asset Licensee - You license assets from others and need to track rights and permissions
An Asset Owner - You create assets and want to track asset value and usage agreements
An Asset User - You use assets and need to track them for production/usage purposes

8. Where will your store your assets ?
On-line (e.g., server) Near-line (e.g., CD or DVD jukebox)
Off-line (e.g., CDs, cartridges) Off-site (e.g., 3rd party service provider)

9. Do you use an archiving software?
No, not at present Retrospect Other:
Legato Smart Storage

10. Do you use a 3rd party data base solution?
No, not at present Informix Oracle
FileMaker Microsoft SQL Other:

11. Are you planning any special customization of Cumulus?
No, we will use the standard options such as customization for previews and fields.
Yes, we will execute in-house customization such as scripts to streamline more tasks.
Yes, we will outsource our customization needs to adapt Cumulus to our specific workflow.

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